LDPOW Gang in Paradise, 2002

Welcome to the Law Dawgs and Pistoleros of the Olde West. We are a California non-profit re-enacting group specializing in authentic and historical Western history from 1845 through 1895.
Our re-enactments are presented for the public at large, historical societies and foundations, the California State Parks, and public and private schools.

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LDPOW Gang in Bodie, CA 2003

In the Beginning

The Infamous InstigatorsIn the beginning there was only two. The Law Dawgs started in early 1999 as a dream of two old civil war re-enactors. Lee and Keith were sitting at their camp fire one cool evening throwing around ideas about becoming Western re-enactors and how much they would enjoy it, but could they find anyone else that might be interested? In short order there was a small group of seasoned civil war actors that showed the same interest. The group met and started a plan, came up with a name and the rest is history. Our first shows were small but in no time at all we had to turn down requests because our calendar was full. We started with two and currently have around fifty members that include actors a foot, horse mounted members and a stagecoach pulled by a team of mules. The club is blessed to be in parades, stage plays, State Park entertainment, educating school children regarding their local history, and putting on shows for townships and private enterprises (for example robbing the local steam train for fun and profit). These are just a few of the ways the Law Dawgs and Pistoleros of the Olde West utilizes its talented group of individuals. In the beginning those two old civil war re-enactors could only dream of the success that this club has enjoyed. Lee and Keith thank all the dedicated members that took this idea "sparked" around that camp fire and developed it into what it is today.

Ride a strong horse, keep your powder dry and donít turn your back on Lee.

Lee Dummel
Keith Morris

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